The LMMSC Old Timers' Picnic In The Park evolved from a group that was started by Harold Bell and Bob Anderson back in 1972. Somewhere along the line Ron Duffin joined in and they along with a mixed group of co-workers decided to get together outside of work to sample one another's homemade wine.  They all worked in the Missile Systems Division (MSD) at Lockheed Sunnyvale.  The wine and cheese event proved successful and they continued the tradition until 1980.  It was at this point that Jack Holmes became involved with the group and ultimately suggested opening the event up to include other employees both current and retired.  As a result the event transformed into the Old Timers Picnic becoming a barbecue pot luck in the park and remains so to this day.  Jack worked tirelessly to make these events a success until his passing in September 2001.  Thanks to his hard work and dedication the foundation was set in place to continue with these gatherings under the direction of the Executive Committee.

Today we continue to welcome our friends and co-workers from Lockheed Martin to join us for a picnic in the park, both those who have retired and those who are still enslaved.  We come together in good will and fellowship to catch up on our lives, to share a few stories and perhaps a joke or two.  Occasionally we may even do a good deed to help out a friend.  The deal has not changed, you can either bring a dish for 8-10 people and eat for free or you can pay $6.00 and join in the fun.  The Menu varies from time to time but usually provides a choice of meats and side dishes to titillate even the most fastidious.  We will also provide Coffee, Lemonade and desert but you are on your own as far as soft or other drinks are concerned.
History Of The Group
Old Coot with Stick
Hillbilly Band
Cindi Playing the Tamborine
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In Memory of All Those With Whom We Worked And Played
Lockheed Old Timers
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